Gareth Evans

Gareth Evans

Gareth has come a long way since picking up a guitar at 15. Since then he has  evolved into a diverse and truly original singer/songwriter not to mention  producer of his own works, Producing an array various styles of music but  always retaining his Pop Indie routes.

Over the years he has reached finals of competitions, gained contracts, featured on compilation albums, sold albums in Japan, and has even appeared on TV as an actor which he runs along side his Music career.

Gareth is much more than a solo artist and has been involved in several bands over years within various positions. Although he has a love for guitar and piano he relishes being a front man where there is freedom to do what he wants, or as he puts it “Lose myself and not have to think”. With a true presence on stage it is hard to not to appreciated, only his subtle creative side but also Gareths ability to perform and captivate any audience in any type of venue.

Its been a hard slog, a long journey, but now Recording his 5th album inspired by a few heart brakes, it is shaping up to be his finest and most soulful work yet.